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Major prize

Outback Floatplane Ultimate Tour Outback Floatplane Ultimate Tour

A seat on an Outback Floatplane Ultimate Tour worth $795.

Anyone who registers an account and votes during the course of the season goes in the running to win this awesome prize.

Congratulations to Paul Edwards who was the winner for season 2016/17.

Weekly prize

F45 Training F45 Training

A 3-month membership to F45 Training Darwin. Worth $780. All you have to do is register and vote on the Play of the Round that ends up getting the most votes for that Round and you’re in the draw!

Congratulations to all the winners for season 2016/17:

Round 1 Alfie Bamblett

Round 2 Chris Allen

Round 3 Kane Davis

Round 4 Alysha Johnson

Round 5 Stacey McKenzie

Round 6 Isabelle Porter

Round 7 Kristen Smits

Round 8 Danielle Ford

Round 9 Joel Fiddler

Round 10 Nathaniel Paredes

Round 11 Coby Weetra

Round 12 Danielle Oppermann

Round 13 Rebecca Hardy

Round 14 Rick Nolan

Round 15 Allison Wilson

Round 16 Russ Davey

Round 17 Carrie Mulford

Round 18 Matthew McCourt